This project was another game prototype project at CipSoft that I worked on. The game idea was to create a poke-like game where you were stranded in a mythical world. You had to capture and train various monsters (5 in the prototype) that each featured variants of elemental aspects (the different sprite colors) and had strengths and weaknesses according to their elemental affiliation. My role on the project was creature design, player base design and fx design. The budget was very tight, so we opted for 2D, pixel-art and an overall retro look. I came up with the idea to use a palette that was very close to the original NES palette. Although the palette contains all NES colors, we had to add colors to make the element types of the monsters more readable. As for concept art, the project management wanted something that also could hold up for promotional reasons and asked me to do some comic styled high-res artworks as concept art. All other game art (scenery props etc.) except the logo was taken from existing projects by CipSoft. The logo was the only original art piece I didn't finish up, although I made the basic design. I was called to another project so somebody else had to finish my work there.

The project itself was great fun to work on. Especially designing the effect animations in pixel-art style was a blast. Also the base itself and all the bulding states and animations were really cool to work on. The project was ultimately closed down after failing to attract a large enough player base during alpha.



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