Lethal Running is set ina dystopian future where citizens battle for survival in a twisted TV-Show with the ultimate goal of fame and wealth. For many this is the only way to ever escape the wasteland and gand ridden suburbs!

On this project I have been hired to do art design and most art assets, as well as cinematic sequences. We started working on a preexisting asset base. Most of the current asset stock was replaced by me. The main character, the rat creature and the boss creature of the demo are also done by me. The other characters are still legacy as are some of the assets. The challenge was to find a 80s inspired pixelart that takes up the concept of running man and wraps it into a original design. I had to work with a somewhat peculiar animation system among other engine dependant limitations. But the project itself is really fun and motivating :D

The project is still on going. More details and a Steam early preview can be found at Steam (Lethal Running)

LR_WallTilesLR_Terminal_PortfolioLR_MainCapsuleIllustration_x2LR_CoverIllustration (0-00-08-08)LR_endingIllustrationLethalRunning_DesertPlantsLogoLR_CityAssetsLR_WastelandAssets

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