Ok. The last month was HORRIFIC! Not just because of Halloween. I had so much work to do. Not the least chunk of work was this homepage. Fixing bugs, working on design, crying over deeply hidden undocumented stuff (or stuff that I was just too blind to find).

Anyway. I uploaded the final style and started to pour in some content. I did some "project data sightseeing" yesterday and was totally blow away. I found stuff I already forgot i did. So, that's good in a way, but it also means a whole lot of work. Preparing the assets from CipSoft's FictionFighters project will prove especially hard. After all it has been five years of service on that project. And I did a lot of stuff in that time. Most of the 3D assets were rendered in our engine with a buckload of post, so I'll have to figure out a way to prepare those for your viewing pleasure. But I am on it.

I already poured in my sketches to a gallery site, but I need to find another gallery plugin that is more... I don't know, photo wall like? I'm on it. Don't despair. I'm already despairing for you. So what's on my Checklist...

Apart from that I've got some exciting stuff coming. I'll be sure to keep you updated. So long!