Rambling of a restless mind. That propably gets it. I write about whatever comes to my mind. Granted, that's a lot of more or less useless stuff. So I'll probably spare you of my thoughts of lesser importance or those that are borderline mad. The rest would be science, philosopy, computer graphics and mostly game development.

Ever had to manage a lot of different assets in one photoshop file, like for a webpage. Or for designing 200 web-banners. And then had to save it out? Glad that photoshop has that slice tool, right? Oh wait, that button needs to be a bit higher. Can we have a few other button variants? Rats, back to correcting slices. Ok, let's use Layer Comps. For, lets's say, 60 files? Well, I'd rather not. Besides... one change and needing to clear warning flags and updating comps. Not for a task like this. Most tasks you come across  will have you manually saving and updating files. And this is costing time. A lot of time. Hours of time literally, sometimes. I hate tasks like this, and so do you, I suppose. So I wen't down the Photoshop Scripting road to come up with something better. This suite of four scripts will help you with your daily task of saving and naming files.

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