Fiction Fighters - Robot Ninja
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Autodesk Maya
Adobe Photoshop
Marmoset Toolbag2


8 days


This was one of the creatures that appeared as enemy npc's in the game Fiction Fighters (by CipSoft). The whole modelling, uv-layouting, skinning, rigging and texturing was done by myself. I developed a competent auto-rigger for out Maya project at the time that made rigging very easy. The model is a rather low-poly model. We also didn't use normal-maps, since we went for a manga-stlye cell shaded look. Outlines would later be added by the game-engine. The textures weren't projection painted, but hand aligned as vector shapes. We weren't really sure which resolution we could afford, so we decided to use vector shapes for cell-shaded textures. This worked surprisingly efficient.

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