Before changing to a new corporate identity in 2013, I was tasked with developing and maintaining the visual style of marketing footage for the company. Adds, Banners, promotional materials and gifts, representative material, convention displays. You can view a selection of works I did for that purpose below. The only piece I did for the new CI is claerly distinguishable because its sporting the new magenta and orange based color scheme.

cipSoft_movieNightLAN_Banner_LG_finalsizelan_flyer_backsidelan_flyer_frontsideSeite_A42007-11-12 Jobstypewriter_wasd_cmyk_598x845mmkeyPlayersPage_saintTibiakeyPlayersPage_leavingTraces_print_flat_cmykkeyPlayersPage_inkStorm_print_flat_cmykKeyPlayers2014_CipSoft_stackedstud_bockAufGames

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