So as you might now I started my Patreon page in early October this year. To what end? I have been involced in a lot of 3D asset production as of lately, especially for indiegames. And modeling that stuff and texturing it, in order to stay competitive you have to make it look really good. Even on a tight budget! So what I needed in order to stay away from as much highpoly modeling and normal baking texture as possible, was a lot of alphas to stamp stuff onto the models during texturing. Why no highres? Simple, time and money. If you want to keep the cost ultra low, you cannot afford that pipeline in most cases. So I went ahead and created a lot of different alphas and decals for my projects. Some generic, some specific. But none of them tied to the actual IPs, since I wanted to reuse them. But then I though, why not share them?

The gamdev community has created so many absolutely stunning resources, that I am wanting to contribute to that effort. The best way to do that was to release it over Patreon. So I can offer most of what I am doing for free and If someone wants to support my effort, they can do so. The image below is a compilation of all alphas and decals I have made so far. Go grab them at for free! If you want to suggest anything specific that would help you in your quest to do the most awesome gameassets EVER, then tell me on twitter @visionvortex 

I really hope you like the assets. I'll do regular roundups on this page to keep everyone updated. But follow my Patreon feed for regular updates!


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