Man, I love Graphic design. And even more so I love games that just ooze graphic design :D Like Monument Valley. Just recently I watched a GDC Talk about the art-style of Monument Valley. And that got me some key insights!

Needless to say that I felt VERY compelled to create/recreate a shader that emulates the style of Monument Valley while giving the artists a great degree of user flexibility.

The shader works with all meshes, regardless of  if they have UV or no UV's at all. It lights meshes with flat colors based on three or 6  cardinal directions (X, Y, Z,-X, -Y, -Z) while providing a lot of options, like worldspace Y gradient shading, rim lighting, light and shadow boosting and colored shadow maps to allow for a maximum of artist control.

I totally looks best in ortographic views, but it absolutely works in perspective views, too. If you still want to do UVs for things like baked in shadows... man, just go for it. The shader supports tinted shadow textures. If you fancy this clean graphic look for your game, this shader might be able to help you out. And if you want to change it, go ahead.

Get the shader for on Artstation


The shader was made on and for Windows. I think it will probably work on Unix and Mac, too. But most probably you'll have to make some adjustments for the package to work on those target platforms.

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